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| Hotel in historical residence in Florence in Historical renaissance house

Hotel Monna Lisa Florence

The Palace

The Palace, originally a convent, was purchased in the 15th century first by the Neri family and then by the Marzichi Lenzi family, finally entering into the possession of the current owners: the Ciardi Duprè Family.

The private collection of the Duprès -- furniture, paintings and statues -- decorates the lounges and rooms of the palace, transformed in 1956 into a 4-star hotel; the hotel, joining the elite of the Special Hotels of the World, keeps the genteel charm of patrician homes intact with original Florentine terracotta floors and coffered ceilings. An unforgettable place, rich in subtle charm, alluring and elegant.

Every corner of this historical residence emanates extraordinary impressions, linked to the silent presence of a secular story and works of art such as Gaetano Spinelli's ‘The Golden Rain’, the original sketch of "The Rape of the Sabine" by Giambologna and the sculptures and the drawings of the neoclassical sculptor and writer Giovanni Duprè (1817/1882), from whom the current proprietors descend.

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